NEW BREEDS FOR 2017 & 2018

The following additional breeds will be separately classified, without CCs, in 2017 and 2018: Australian Cattle Dog, Briard, Schnauzer and Pharaoh Hound. Classes scheduled will be Puppy, Junior, Post Graduate, Limit, Open, Veteran and Good Citizen per sex, no mixed classes.


If you are interested in taking space at the 2018 show please email the Secretary on for more information. 


From 2015 onwards LKA will permit the admittance of Spectator Dogs. This will enable dogs, which are not already entered, to be brought into the show to be eye tested or take part in the GC Bronze Award. There will be a charge of £5 payable at the door. However, we strongly advise exhibitors to use the “Not for Competition” facility as this will avoid unnecessary queuing at the entrances whilst the necessary paperwork is completed – far less frustrating and time saving! To further encourage the use of the NFC facility the charge has been reduced from £15 to £5.

Please note that NFC entries will be accepted for dogs from 4 calendar months of age rather than the previous 6 months. It is to be hoped though that exhibitors will make arrangements for their baby puppies to be cared for at home in a less stressful environment but it is accepted that this is not always possible.