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Introduction: With grateful thanks to Mrs Peggy Grayson, author of LKA – The First 100 years.

The LKA was founded in 1894 by some very influential, titled and affluent ladies who are mentioned in the history of the LKA – The First 100 years.

Dog shows, run by Ladies for Ladies were a rarity but with support of Ladies from the Aristocracy and Royalty one of their aims was to provide “Specials” for its members at its own and other shows.

In 1900 saw 647 Specials and Cups including the £500.00 Gold Dholphur trophy presented by the Maharajah, to be competed for twice annually, each time for a different breed and won on one occasion by Princess of Wales’ (later Queen Alexandra) and her Ch Alex. Records show she also exhibited in both Borzoi and Basset Hounds.

Old Hall Beatrice - BIS at the 1901 LKA Show

Old Hall Beatrice – BIS at the 1901 LKA Show

1901 saw the award going to Princess de Montylynon with the collie, Ch Old Hall Beatrice.

More cups and trophies were donated by Ladies and some breed clubs. At the end of hostilities, cups were again issued, some of which had not been competed for since 1915.

Throughout the Second World War, The Cups resided in the vaults of The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths but they were unable to arrange a display in 1948 and release them back to the LKA due to staff shortages and also advised of a £20 charge for not only arranging the display but other charges for storage, cleaning and dispatch.

In 1949 the cups came out of storage but in 1950 the trophies were not displayed due to cost. The then Secretary, Mrs Pye was asked to write to the jewellers regarding a reduction in cost for displaying the Association Cups & Trophies the result being an accepted charge of £45.00.  In 1952 there was some dissatisfaction felt at the quality of the display of cups and a decision was made not to have them.


Breed societies generously donated cups specials and guarantees and in the 1950’s many breed clubs held their shows in conjunction with the LKA.


1953 agreed that the Kathleen Pilkington Tea Service be offered for BIS and Mrs Dixon offered the Van Oppen Cup for BOS (Mrs Nagle suggested the sale of one Limit cup be used to offset any costs).


Mrs Dixon offered to list the entire LKA Cups & Trophies, under Breed headings and a typed list was produced.


1955/6 the Cups & trophies were moved to “Garrrads” who charged £21 for storage and £52.10 shillings every occasion they had to remove them from the strong room for inspection.


At the AGM, Mrs Dixon reported that she had seen all the cups and that some breeds had too many while others had none, therefore a small sub-committee was elected to deal with the matter! The outcome was that the Lady Evelyn Ewart Trophy be re-allocated to a definite breed instead of being used/moved from breed to breed and the Queen Alexandra Cup be offered for BIS owned by a member.


1959 the publishers of Dog World – Watmoughs Ltd presented the LKA with a Cup to be known as the Phyllis Robson Trophy in respect of her long & devoted service to dogdom as editor of Dog World. Mrs Robson was then invited to present the trophies at the 1959 show.


1977 Mrs Bentinck (Copplestone Pekingese) commented on the very large number of cups that the LKA had amassed and to keep records, a Cup Steward was necessary and Mrs Ann Wynyard accepted the position.


1978, when the show moved from London to the NEC,  Mrs Wynyard and Mrs Lindsay (Treasurer) were asked to draw up recommendations about reallocating some of the trophies, as most had been under-valued and were due to be re-insured. The NEC arranged security transport of the trophies from London.

It was discovered that of the 149 cups and trophies listed, only 80-90 were to hand and many had not been awarded for as much as 30 years. Lawyers, acting on behalf of the LKA were consulted on guidance for disposal for some of these.

It was agreed to allocate the Queen Alexandra Trophy and the Kathleen Pilkington Memorial for BIS


Garrads were invited to prepare a valuation on all the surplus trophies and produce a list of those “For Sale”.


Mrs Wynyard resigned as Cup Steward and was replaced by Mrs Jean Collins. Mrs Howell agreed to take charge of the sale of cups at the show with help of members and a member of the NEC Security staff would be in attendance.


1980 it was reported that the sale of the surplus cups had raised £1,077.30


In 2000 – It was agreed on the future allocation of Trophies. These would be presented in the main ring to each group winner, BIS/RBIS and Best Member’s Exhibit. They were not all issued as they required refurbishment and some re-allocation. Two or Three trophies would be retained as “spares” and the remainder to be sold.


2002 it was reported that the cups had been re-assessed and reallocated and those sold would realise an excess of over £3,000.


2004 it was confirmed that an informal inventory of the remaining “Silver In Stock” had taken place and confirmed that these would be issued as special prizes to celebrate 100 years of the LKA.



The Lady Evelyn Ewart Memorial Cup

The Lady Evelyn Ewart Memorial Cup



1911 Chairman of the LKA Executive during the years on either side of the First World War. She is listed as also being a Patron at Crufts Dog Show in 1916. She spent 17 years in office and following her death in 1924 a Memorial fund was set up.



LKA CHALLENGE CUP (photo to follow)





The Desborough Challenge Cup

The Desborough Challenge Cup

Miss G A Desborough elected Secretary in 1906 and as Show Manager and had worked under Mrs E P Robson and remained in office for 17 years. In 1912, she was presented with a testimonial for her hard work and granted a few days holiday. At that time the Secretary was in the LKA Offices each day. She was released for war work but agreed to attend the LKA offices twice a week. 1924 Miss Desborough resigned due to ill health. The committee proposed she be elected a member and a testimonial raised. 1930 she was made an honorary member.


The Fallowdale Cup

The Fallowdale Cup

FALLOWDALE CUP                 


Our records for this cup are almost non-existent! If you know anything of its history please contact the Secretary.





The Dochfour Inkstand

The Dochfour Inkstand

Donated by Baroness Burton following a fire at her kennels destroying many of her Dochfour Cairns, she also bred Keeshonds. Her generosity involved the use of her house at 6 Grosvenor Square for Committee Meetings to cut down on expenditure. A 40th birthday party for the Association was also held at her house. She held the post of Chairman in 1937 and died in 1962. This is a favourite of the current Secretary and she always hope the winner decides not to take it home!



The Cliff Brown Memorial Salver

The Cliff Brown Memorial Salver


Mrs Ann Brown held the post of Secretary, and husband Cliff, worked alongside his wife putting his expertise in organisation to great use. Following his death in 1972 a fund reached a total of £171.00, of which £50 was donated by the LKA. Mrs Lindsay (Treasurer) was asked to approach Mr Fred Curnow for advice on purchasing a silver salver as a memorial.





The Ross Cup

The Ross Cup


Miss Hylda Mary Loughery joined the LKA Committee. Along with her sister Florence bred Deerhounds under the affix of Ross and was based in Rosslyn, in Londonderry. Records show the Ch PADRIAC of Ross, born in June 1926 was a winner at the show in 1928/29 and 1930.




The Claret Jug

The Claret Jug


1953 a class for members was inaugurated with Judge Mrs May Pacey and today this trophy is awarded to any Group winner owned by a member of the LKA.





The Lady Kathleen Pilkington Memorial Teaset

The Lady Kathleen Pilkington Memorial Teaset


Lady Kathleen Pilkington who had been a Committee member almost since its inception, served as Vice Chairman for 17 years, succeeding Lady Evelyn Ewart as Chairman. Her kennel affix was Chevet, specialising in the extinct breed, the Toy Bulldog and later French Bulldogs. On her death, a Memorial Trophy was subscribed for.




The Ladies Field Cup

The Ladies Field Cup

LKA LADIES FIELD CUP                      



Awarded to winner of RBIS



Queen Alexandra's Perpetual Challenge Cup

Queen Alexandra’s Perpetual Challenge Cup


Queen Alexandra was one of the early supporters of the LKA in 1894 as the then Princess of Wales and became its Patroness in 1905. In 1902 she exhibited her Borzoi and Bassets and died in 1925