Barbara Roderick

Barbara RoderickElected to the Committee in 2000 Barbara became our Treasurer in 2002 and is responsible not only for managing the day to day finances but also for monitoring the Association’s long term investments to ensure the best possible return.

Her long term fascination for dogs was ignited by a visit to a Sheep Dog Trial as a child, which included a parade of breeds ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. After much deliberation Beagles became her breed of choice, quickly followed by Border Terriers, and the affix Barterhounds was chosen. A very active Committee Member and Officer of the Beagle Club for over 25 years until her retirement in 1999, her interest in the breed spanned both the showing and working sides. Barbara first awarded CCs in 1980 and is included amongst the top 15 judges in the breed qualified to assess first time judges of Beagles.