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Old posterRecognising that there were many ladies interested in breeding and showing dogs, the formidable Mrs Alice Stennard Robinson founded The Ladies Kennel Association in 1894 in defiance of the gentlemen of the Kennel Club of the day.

A lady that liked her own way she frequently found herself in hot water with that austere male dominated organisation! But her most serious disagreement was with the powerful Duchess of Newcastle. By 1902 it was obvious the Mrs Stennard Robinson’s autocratic style of government had run its course, and her tenure as Secretary and Treasurer of the first Ladies Kennel Association came to an abrupt end in February 1903……..

For further insights into the long and illustrious story of the LKA and how it has mirrored social history over more than a hundred years please pay a visit to our history page.




Dr Ruth Barbour Mrs Anne Bliss
(Chief Steward) (Chairman & Group Steward)
Mrs Sue Ergis
(Judges’ Reception) (Group Steward)
Mrs Linda King Miss Jackie Kitchener
(Ring Stewards’ Reception&Awards Office) (Vice-Chairman & Group Steward)
Mrs Reyna Knight
(Group Steward)
Mrs Betty Peach Mrs Carole Smedley
(Exhibitors’ Enquiry Office) (Trophy Steward)
Mrs Janie Thomson Mrs Marie Bryce-Smith
(Judges’ Reception) (Ring Stewards’ Reception & Awards Office)
Mrs Jean Sharp-Bale
(Ring Stewards’ Reception & Awards Office) (Exhibitors’ Enquiry Office)

Mrs Julie Sparrow

Miss Nancy Bassant